The Cotswold Chauffeur tours and new car!

The Cotswold Chauffeur tours and new car!

It official! Spring is here at last in the Cotswolds, after what can be described as a wet but fairly mild winter!

Hot off the press is that I have just purchased a brand new Executive seven seater car with all the extras you could possibly imagine! Leather seats, panoramic sun-roof, air con, digital radio – this car is simply AMAZING, and the ultimate touring car for families to come to this Country and visit England and the Cotswolds! The picture below is my lovely new car parked outside the historic market square in one of the most beautiful Cotswolds villages – Castle Combe. You may recognise from the picture a scene from the Steven Spielberg film Warhorse, which was filmed here four years ago. Steven even had a few drinks in some of the local bars I am told!

Castle Combe is very attached to me because it is very close to where I live, and because of the history that is associated with it. Not only is it probably one of the most beautiful villages in the Cotswolds and in England, but its history can be dated back to Roman times and has had a very colourful history since! When the Romans left it was down to the Anglo Saxons to rule the Country, followed by the Normans who invaded in 1066, followed by the Plantagenet rule for three hundred years. Each of these ruling dynasties left their mark in this Country and can all be associated and traced to small villages such as  Castle Combe! The Cotswolds is famous for its wool trade, and many of the pretty houses in the villages were weavers cottages. All this and much more is told when you come with me on my tours, please click on the link to find out more!

See you soon?